ROTM EPISODE 6: The Conservative Mind

If you've been engaging conservatives in debates on social media, you may find yourself bewildered by what at times seems like their willful ignorance, rejection of basic facts, and their lack of interest in questioning their own views. You're not alone. On today's episode, we discuss the mind of the modern conservative. Check it out on iTunes. Listen on Stitcher.

ROTM EPISODE 5: The Muslim Ban

Any good military strategist knows winning a conflict is as much about capturing the hearts and minds of your enemy as it is about weaponry. This episode discusses how Trump's Muslim ban does the exact opposite, making America less secure. Also, America's long, proud history of religious freedom, and the erroneous comparisons of Trump's ban to Obama policies. Check it out on iTunes. Listen on...

Rise of the Moderates Podcast: Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Rise of the Moderates Podcast serves as an introduction to Rise of the Moderates. In this episode, I discuss the vital role moderates play (or are supposed to play) in American government and the current American political landscape¬†where moderate voices are all too rare. Check it out on iTunes.